beach body

1380_BodyPositive_1-1380x918Last week my family went to Costa Rica. As I was packing, I had a crisis of confidence. And all because we were going to be at the beach.

In the weeks and months leading up to our departure, I didn’t go on any crash diets or change my eating habits. I didn’t spend hours and hours at the gym. Nope. I ate and exercised as I always do, which is to stay that I ate nutritious foods and moved my body in some way nearly every day. I decided that I would just be at peace with my body and focus on being healthy and fit. Yet, when faced with the bathing suits that my body would be wearing out in public, I panicked. I nearly went to the store to throw money at the so-called problem, thinking that maybe cute new bathing suits would help.

Eventually, I got a grip. I kept reminding myself that no one would be looking at me or care what I looked like. My bathing suits are fine. There was no actual problem, other than my usual body image issues.

So I calmed the hell down and finished packing.

And you know what? It was all okay. I had a good vacation and no one turned to stone looking at me. And I even managed along the way to not get sunburned, which is pretty much a miracle.

I have a body. I went to the beach. Therefore, I have a beach body.


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