still at peace

Training for Inner Peace How to Be at Peace With Anxiety, Sadness and Anger
Definitely NOT me, as the idea of standing in waist-high allergy-causing grass that’s probably harboring snakes is not peaceful. (Google Images)

At the beginning of each month, a friend and I check in with each other to see if we have any goals for the next 30-31 days. We’ve both found that monthly, rather than yearly, goals are more attainable and allow us to adjust and make changes as necessary.

In the past, I likely would have included weight loss as one of my goals. These days, however, I am not. I eat a largely plant-based diet. I walk daily. I do yoga and planks. I do push ups, squats, and other strengthening exercises. I am taking good care of myself. I refuse to battle with my body about the number on the scale. In fact, I rarely weigh myself. I am so much happier as a result.

So for this month, my goals are: 1) be more mindful about food (I sometimes eat mindlessly) and 2) do yoga and planks daily (I’ve slacked a bit over the winter). That’s it. Beyond that, I know I’ll eat the way that makes sense for me and I’ll get a lot of exercise. I’m not going to worry beyond that.

Do any of you set monthly goals?




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